Vladiyan Royal company was started by the family of Yurii and Liudmyla many years ago and it has grown into the work of their whole lives. Yurii and Liudmyla put their heart and soul into Vladiyan Royal because they believe in pure love, lifetime marriages and strong families. Their greatest joy is seeing couples in love getting married and celebrating their love.

Liudmyla is more into the creation of the dresses. She’s the one who works on our collections, chooses fabrics laces and meets brides in our showroom.

“I want to give every girl the feeling of her magnificence. Help her feel confident and fascinating on her wedding day. We create Vladiyan Royal Dresses to help the brides feel the magic of the moment and enjoy every second of the happiest day.” says Liudmyla

Yurii is responsible for company’s growth and strategy

“I constantly work every day to make clients’ experience with Vladiyan Royal easy, comfortable and reliable. We are looking for the new ways to enhance our communication, product and service because we want to create an environment that champions the spirit of love towards our clients in an open and trustworthy way” says Yurii

They both complete each other and together with their team Yurii and Liudmyla have amazing plans and believe that the best is yet to come!

They are always open for communication and you can easily contact them if you have any question, complaints or propositions.



The aim of Vladiyan Royal is to make women elated all around the world by creating dresses of their dreams and give them confidence on their special day. We believe that every girl deserves a gorgeous celebration, magical party and the most stunning dress.

Vladiyan Royal strives to boost every girl’s confidence in her beauty, power and charm on her special day. The word “royal” was usually used only for members of the royal family. Nowadays, we believe that every woman can be royal, regardless the social status, national identity or a certain background.

Today” New Royalty” is about the inner feeling, confidence and beauty of the heart. We want Vladiyan Royal dress to flatter your inner self, your charisma and emotions that you’ll experience on your big day.

Let’s brighten up this world together. It really needs a good celebration!



The mission of Vladiyan Royal brand is to remind every woman that she deserves a gorgeous celebration, magical party and the most stunning dress.