Buying wedding dress online experience

Buying wedding dress online can seem not very safe and risky. We understand what you might feel that is why we decided to interview brides that dared to order Vladiyan Royal Dress online. Read this article to find out about their experience.

How long have you been planning your wedding?
Stavroula. I planned my wedding without a wedding planner for about 1 year.

What did make you nervous or uncertain while you were about to buy your dress?
Gihan. I was afraid I wouldn’t end up liking my dress or I would change my mind on the style that I wanted.
Stavroula. To buy a dress like my wedding dress from Australia it would have been triple the price and still not as beautiful as the one from Vladiyan. Therefore I was worried about the quality of the dress without seeing it in real life. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the Vladiyan dresses were at such a low cost compared to Australian prices so I was worried that the dress wouldn’t turn out like the photos. To my surprise when I revived the dress it was exactly like the photos and better yet it fit me perfectly. At the time I thought I was taking a huge risk ordering a wedding dress over seas without trying it on but the risk was worth it when I finally received my dress which fit me to my size! Without even having a dress fitting the dress was perfect on me.

Was it easy to order the dress online?
Gihan. I was skeptical about ordering a dress online but Vladiyan made it very easy to work with. I sent them all my measurements and they sent me pictures and videos of material that we agreed on using to make the perfect dress.
Stavroula. Yes it was very easy ordering the dress online especially with the amazing karim helping me every step of the way answering all my questions and concerns even with the time distance between Ukraine and Australia.

How did you feel yourself in Vladiyan dress?
Gihan. I felt amazing in the Vladiyan dress. They were so easy to work with And it fit perfectly when it first arrived. They used quality material and did exactly what I asked! I did end up making a few changes to it with a local seamstress but only because I changed my mind on a few details and the look I wanted for my wedding dress.
Stavroula. I felt like a princess in my Vladiyan dress.

What was the best part of your wedding?
Gihan. The best part of my wedding was getting married to my bestfriend and partner for life
Stavroula. The best part about my wedding was seeing the huge smile on my husbands face when he saw me walking down the aisle in my beautiful dress. He couldn’t stop looking at me saying how beautiful I looked until the priest told us to stop talking and listen to the ceremony.

What would you advise future brides before choosing wedding dress?
Gihan. I would advice future brides to try on different styles of dresses so they know what dress type and style best suits them and to have fun with it.
Stavroula. I would advise future brides to not be scared to trust Vladiyan dresses especially if you are ordering online. They are professionals in what they do. You send them all of your measurements and they make the dress fit you perfectly just like the photos.